St. Bernard’s Central Catholic High School has a partnership with Virtual High School to offer access to accredited, advanced classes.

The Virtual High School Collaborative (VHS) offers our students options and opportunities to take courses beyond their academic work in the classroom. Online classes taken through VHS programs adhere to a strict schedule in completing sequential modules. All classes have a specified start and end date and require a proctored final exam. Online classes are very rigorous and often require more of the student’s time than a regular class at his or her school.

Online classes will be available to Junior and Senior STB students, who are good readers, well organized, self-disciplined, independent, and have excellent computer skills, as well as highly motivated. These classes will be offered as part of the tuition. All grades will be calculated with the student’s overall grade point average (GPA).

For more information visit:   The Virtual High School or download the Catalog.

Parent Consent Form

If you son or daughter has been selected to participate in the VHS program, please complete the attached consent form.  VHS consent form 2017