Thank you Mrs. McGuirk!

“Mrs. McGuirk,

I really wanted to say thank you for pushing me in your class my senior year. I am in two classes that I am already excelling in and I know a huge part of that is because of your class. I am taking American Poetry and English Composition. My American Poetry teacher is new this year and I explained how in your class I would always fill out the poetry analysis forms and she loved that idea and now I am doing almost the exact same thing! Also compared to the poems we went over, these poems are so easy. In English Composition we are now learning how to write paragraphs in the correct format, which of course I learned and practiced over and over in your class. In my first few classes I have been that annoying student that answers probably 90% of the questions. I kept your notes and they are like my cheat-cheat to my very vague college handouts. Being in college I feel like I am taking five of your classes! I have pop quizzes everyday and tons of reading and written homework. Your class has by far prepared me for college more than any other course. Every student that takes just one class with you is very lucky because now in college I know what to expect. Thank you again. I hope you have a fabulous year! ”

Elizabeth Phinney STB 2011, University of New England