Massachusetts Maritime Academy

“I spent my entire high school career at St. Bernard’s CCHS which was a great experience for me. The main differences that I see between STB and most other schools are the involvement with religion and that the faculty cares about how you do and getting you ready for college. Throughout my junior year I was not sure where I would be going to college or even an idea of what I wanted to do. Finally, early on in my senior year, I decided that I would be attending Massachusetts Maritime Academy in Buzzards Bay, MA. Coming here this fall has been a great experience. I went through a two week orientation with early morning runs workouts with all 350 of my classmates then meetings all day as well as learning how to be a team and not an individual. At first this was very overwhelming but I started to look back on my days at STB and realized that all the things that I had learned over the past few years were for this moment right now, I was taught to care for others and to trust.  Teachers at STB like Mr. McGuirk and Mr. Driscoll were just two of the many that not only taught me about chemistry or the history of Machiavellian ideas,  but they taught me how to deal with the problems that I face in college and in life, to keep moving forward and that the best is yet to come, you just have to work for it. Without even realizing it, during my years at STB I was very well prepared for my life in college, especially the unique lifestyle of the regiment here at MMA.”

Gregory Donovan STB 2011, Massachusetts Maritime Academy