Massachusetts Immunization Law (Chapter 76, Section 15): No child shall be admitted into school except upon presentation of a physician’s certificate that the child has been successfully immunized against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, measles and poliomyelitis and such other communicable diseases as may be specified from time to time by the department of public health. This law is applicable to all international students.

International students must submit a doctor’s certificate, WITH ALL THE DATES LISTED, for the following immunizations:

  • 4 doses DTaP Plus 1 Tdap booster
  • 4 doses of IPV/OPV (Polio vaccine)
  • 2 doses MMR
  • 3 doses Hepatitis B
  • 2 doses Varicella or doctor certificate verifying positive history of chickenpox
  • 1 dose Meningococcal (not required but recommended)
  • A current physical examination (within the last 12 months)

In accordance with Massachusetts Law Chapter 94C:

Any student requiring a prescription or non-prescription medication during the school day must submit the following to the main office:

  • A current doctor’s order
  • A parent/guardian consent form
  • The medication in the originally labeled container

Medications will be kept in the main office in a locked cabinet. Medication paperwork is available from the main office or guidance department.

Epi-pens and inhalers are the only medications that may be carried by the student.

A doctor’s order must be on file stating that the student may carry these medications on their person.

REMINDER: These documents must be received by St. Bernard’s High School before the first day of school.