Welcome Ninth Graders!

St. Bernard’s Central Catholic High School is committed to preparing our students to be successful throughout their high school career and beyond.  To that end, we have established Freshman Seminar.

The goal of the Freshman Seminar is to help students transition from a middle school setting, prepare them for the amplified academic rigors that come with high school classes and become aware of the tools and avenues that are available to them in order to handle social and emotional issues that may arise over the next four years. Studies have shown that schools with freshman transition programs are reporting improved academic readiness (Dedmond, 2006; Morgan & Hertzog, 1999).

Students will have Freshman Seminar 10 times during their first year of high school. The curriculum addresses major issues of transition, academic and social expectations, organization, note taking and study techniques, school and community resources, as well as other aspects of high school.

Two of the major themes for freshman year are self-advocacy and community involvement.

We look forward to meeting you in your ninth grade seminars, and working with you over the next four years.

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 Hertzog, C. J., & Morgan, P. L. (1999). Transition: A process not an event. Reston, VA: National Association of Secondary School Principals.

Example sessions:

Introduction to STB and STB Guidance

Study Habits

Agendas and Organization

Test Taking


National Honor Society

Academic Integrity

College Exploration

Any questions, please contact Mrs. Kimberly Adam, Freshman/Sophomore Counselor