Curriculum for School Year 2018–2019

Graduation Requirements: 24 Credits

Theology: 4 credits
English: 4 credits
Social Studies: 3 credits
Mathematics: 3 credits
Science: 3 credits
World Language: 2 credits
Electives: 5 credits

Theology: I, II, III, IV – CP

Freshman: Revelation in Scripture & Christology

Sophomores: The Paschal Mystery & The Church

Juniors: Sacraments and Morality

Seniors:  Social Justice

English: I, II, III, IV – AP Honors, Level 1, Level 2, CP

Honors English
AP Literary
AP – Literature and Composition
Writing Lab – CP
World Literature
British Literature
American Literature
Honors of Genres, World and American
Literary Genres

Social Studies
World History- Honors, CP
U.S. History- AP, Honors, CP
Modern U.S. History- CP
U.S. Government & Politics- AP
Psychology – Level 1
Economics – Level 1

Latin 1 and 2- CP
Latin 3 and 4 – Honors
Spanish 1 and 2 – CP
Spanish 3 and 4 – Honors
Art: I, II, III, IV-Level 1

Advanced Algebra 2-Freshmen Honors
Algebra 1- CP
Geometry- Level 1, Level 2
Algebra 2/Trigonometry- Level 1
Algebra 2- Level 2
Pre – Calculus- Honors, Level 1
Calculus AB- AP
Trigonometry- Level 2
Probability & Statistics- Level 2

Integrated Science- CP
Biology w/Lab – Honors, Level 1, Level 2
Chemistry – Honors, Level 1, Level 2
Physics – Honors, Level 1
Physiology – Honors, Level 1
Environmental Science -Level 2

Department Handouts 2018-2019

Academic Levels and Freshman Notes

Advanced Placement: AP
A college level course for upperclassmen which provides preparation or the College Board AP exam
Honors: H
A college preparatory course for students of superior ability and achievement
Level 1
An accelerated college preparatory course for students of above average ability and achievement
College Prep: CP
Combined college preparatory course, designed for 4-year college admission
Level 2
A college preparatory course which meets the requirements for admission to college-level work

  • Placement in academic levels for freshman year courses is determined by performance on the Placement Exam in conjunction with report cards and teacher recommendations.
  • Incoming freshmen are invited to take a language assessment in the spring in order to begin language learning with Spanish 2.
  • Incoming freshmen are invited to take a Math assessment in the spring in order to qualify for Honors-Advanced Algebra 2.
  • Freshmen students who qualify for Honors English are required to take Latin 1.
  • Honors English students will also take Honors World History in place of Writing Lab. These students will take Honors U.S. History during their sophomore year. These two courses are prerequisites for AP U.S. History course junior year.