Atlas is a system adopted by the Diocese of Worcester.   It is a curriculum mapping tool that allows you to see where the students are during the year, what the course description is, and the standards of learning.   The purpose of any “Map” is to detail a plan. In attachments below you will find a detailed plan of education at St. Bernard’s. As with any map, there are multiple routes to the same end of excellence in education.  The Diocese of Worcester Curriculum Maps for our schools are intended to help every student grow in knowledge and experience in a rapidly changing world.

The Curriculum Maps for St. Bernard’s CCHS is intended to help every student advance to the best of their abilities. Thus, our curriculum cannot and must not be stagnant. As the needs of our students change and the excellence of our educators deepens and expands, our maps will change to reflect the dynamic life of our classrooms and courses. As Catholic school educators, we understand the importance of emphasizing proven methods, incorporating new ideas, and molding frameworks which exceed any common standards.

American Literature Honors

AP Literature

Latin 1

Literary Types College Prep


World Literature – Honors