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Our Alumni Association in conjunction with the Bernardian Foundation, assists with alumni relations for St. Bernard’s CCHS.


About St. Bernard’s Alumni

Our Graduates’ Academic & Merit Based Scholarships

Education is truly an investment in the future. Each year, our graduates are awarded an astounding amount of scholarships. Over 40 scholarships were presented to 23 different members of the senior class. These scholarships range in value up to $2,000 and over $30,000 in scholarship money were given to the Class of 2017. In total, 18 graduates have been offered scholarships at their schools worth over $270,000. These scholarships are often renewable for each of the 4 years of college, the projected value of these scholarships is over one million dollars! This scholarship money was earned due to the student’s merit and should not to be confused with financial aid- which is based on a family’s ability to pay. Thank you parents for choosing to send your student to St. Bernard’s CCHS – it is truly an investment in their future.

Where Are St. Bernard’s Graduates?

With a 100% college acceptance rate, STB’s graduates matriculate to the following:

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