St. Bernard’s recognizes and promotes each student’s unique gifts and talents while providing a safe and structured environment with a strong sense of community.  At St. Bernard’s we offer a broad range of courses including Virtual High School.  Through this dynamic combination, students develop passionate interests for college and for life.


Atlas is a curriculum mapping tool that allows you to see where the students are during the year, what the course description is, and the standards of learning.   The purpose of any “Map” is to detail a plan. The Curriculum Maps for St. Bernard’s intend to help every student grow in knowledge and experience in a rapidly changing world. Our curriculum cannot and must not be stagnant. As the needs of our students change and the excellence of our educators deepens and expands, our maps will change to reflect the dynamic life of our classrooms and courses. As Catholic school educators, we understand the importance of emphasizing proven methods, incorporating new ideas, and molding frameworks which exceed any common standards.


St. Bernard’s Central Catholic High School, the Diocesan Catholic High School in Northern Worcester County, proudly educates its students in a Christ-centered, student-focused, college preparatory environment. By providing a safe and structured academic climate, St. Bernard’s recognizes and promotes each student’s unique gifts and talents in both the curricular and extra-curricular realms. A St. Bernard’s education builds a bridge to the future, while maintaining ties to the school’s rich past. In doing so, St. Bernard’s strives to produce community leaders who embrace the school’s maxim: “Love One Another.”